Adler von Lübeck

Vessel Type
Ship Dates
Launched: March 1566
End date: 1588
Vessel Description

The Adler von Lübeck (German for Eagle of Lübeck), also called Der Große Adler or Lübscher Adler, was a 16th-century warship of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, Germany. The Adler was one of the largest ships in the world at its time, being 78.30 m long overall and displacing 2–3,000 tons.

The war galleon was built by Lübeck during the Northern Seven Years' War to escort her convoy of merchant ships in the Baltic and North Sea. However, the Adler was never put into action, since Lübeck had already entered peace negotiations with Sweden at the time of the ship's completion. After the Treaty of Stettin (1570), the Große Adler was converted into a freighter for trade with the Iberian peninsula. The ship was dismantled in 1588 after twenty years of service.

Source: Wikipedia: Adler von Lübeck

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